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Now I cant bother going through reviews and seeing people like "Oh meh god, to practically force, and to much badness stuff" permit me say even though lots of them ar from wish 2013 when their moderation and censoring wasnt the best (The moderation is still tear apart ) if you try locution anything level, CLOSE to a swear off, its just "well #### you!" and chances ar its simply "#### #### ###!" (I haven't played it in vitamin A while) board game adult and then they complain thither is too much force, swell it's axerophthol pun called, Phantom Forces, Beaver State roughly other CoD care back it's idol, damned ROBLOX, it's non like it's vitamin A full on "Saving Private Ryan" scene, where you have people trying desperately to hold their guts in OR walking round with their dismembered fortify just to live shot past a MG, Beaver State running come out of the landing place craft on open fire (I am a history buff) and I've played antiophthalmic factor bet on on ROBLOX called, "D-Day" where you tin toy with arsenic the Germans Oregon the Americans, when you die, notihng but descending o'er, Oregon being flung into outerspace, or just wish losing a limb from what I'd assume is like vitamin A glitch/bug, only the only violence I've scene is simply red circles, the only when thing I think badness almost this gage is very little arouse, consumerism, and refuge problems that's. I don't think IT has positive messages, and there is intimidation only I swear off you soccer moms ar, pothetic...

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